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Quranic Wisdom

A Science Expo

Parent Teacher Meeting

“Connecting Home & School Makes Us A Great Community Of Learners”

To enhance the academic performance of the students in upcoming summative assessment, Zikra High School has scheduled Parent Teacher Meet on 17th February, 2024.

Teachers Training

“Role Of Discipline In Teachers”

Learning Never Exhausts The Mind. Learning Is A Tunnel Experience That Makes Us Think More Broadly”

A Teachers Training program on the “Role Of Discipline In Teachers” was held at Zikra High School on February 5, 2024. The speakers included Syed Kaleem from Clanwin Solutions, Shahid Siddiqui from Clanwin Solutions, and Shaik Anwar from Pakka Careers. The program covered classroom management, caring for students, and parent-teacher interaction.

Academic Achievers of FA- 3

“Achievers are not born talented but they possess the, ‘I can do it’ attitude.”

The Academic Achievers of Formative Assessment- 3 were felicitated with badges and medals on 8th January, 2024.

Parent Engagement Program 

At the end of the day the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”

Parents Engagement Program (PEP) was conducted at Zikra High School on 31st December, 2023 of our adorable Pre-Primary champs whose active participation made this a successful event.

Career Guidance & Motivational Session 

“Your career growth mainly depends on how well you articulate and present your performance review “

“Opportunities dont happen you create them” 

Pakka careers presents a career guidance and motivational session by the speaker Shaik Anwar who is the founder of pakka careers at Zikra High School to show the importance of meaningful studies and informed career choices on 27th December, 2023

National Level Scholarship

A Session on National Level Scholarship Test for VIII to X students organized by Knowledge Hub ( Chaitanya Group Of Institutions) was conducted at Zikra High School on 28th August, 2023.

XSEED Teacher’s Classroom Evaluation

“Continous Improvement Is Better Than Delayed Perfection”

XSEED teachers classroom evaluation, Feedback and Training was done at Zikra High School on 17th August, 2023 by Mr.Aditya

Islamic Teachers Classroom Evaluation

Dont Say “I Cant Understand Quran” and Shelve It. Open It and Say “Ya Allah Help Me Understand Your Words”

The team of Understanding Quran Academy visited Zikra High School to evaluate the Islamic Studies Teachers performance on 11th August, 2023

Methedology For Teaching Quran

The Quran Is Only Beneficial When It Reaches The Heart And Is Firmly Planted In It”

Dr.Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem Director of Understanding Quran Academy along with Mr.Mohsin Siddiqui and Mr.Younus to address the simple teaching methodologies for teaching “Understanding Quran” textbooks to our Islamic Studies teachers on 19th June, 2023 at Zikra High School.

Teacher’s Training

“Success Isn’t Always About Greatness. Its About Consistency. Consistent Hard-work Gain Success. Greatness Will Come.”

Mr. Mohsin Siddiqui delivered an excellent training session at Zikra High School on June 7, 2023, regarding identifying the challenging students that teachers find challenging.

XSEED Training Program

Keep Training And Keep Learning Until You Get It Right”

On June 2, 2023, Mr. Aditya (a member of the XSEED team) conducted a training session for the primary teachers at Zikra High School.

Kreedo Lab Training

The Beautiful Thing About Learning is That No Body Can Take it Away From you”

Learning through play is at the core of Kreedo as children learn via our scientifically designed learning materials. The materials in the Kreedo lab provide ample opportunities to experience and learn, as well as promotes peer learning through interaction and observation. 

To master in this our Pre-Primary teachers participated in a three-day training programme led by “Kreedo”

Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

Zikra High School is a non-profit institute and follows the SSC curriculum. Affiliated to the State Board of Secondary Education, Telangana. Zikra High School’s syllabi is formulated to be a holistic curriculum focusing on the emphasis of both scholastic and non-scholastic activities. 
Students are taught subjects of various interests, the likes of which include Science, Mathematics, IT, Languages and Art.
Zikra High School takes up the XSEED curriculum for the primary students. The XSEED curriculum provides a hands-on approach to students, ensures opportunities for creative expression and develop skills of reflective thinking, observation & experimentation.
Zikra High School follows Kreedo curriculum for Pre-Primary where, learning through play is at the core of Kreedo as children learn via our scientifically designed learning materials. The materials in the Kreedo lab provide ample opportunities to experience and learn, as well as promotes peer learning through interaction and observation. Our curriculum focuses on instilling in our students a distinctive competitive edge. The syllabus is designed to make learning fun while imparting in them a spirit of critical thinking.

Computer Education

In an intricate world of web, technology overpowers our life in every which way and it is essential to have a basic computer literacy to survive in a world rapidly progressing towards betterment. Zikra High School provides computer science as a subject to students for a holistic approach towards learning.

Arts & Crafts

What is a universe without art but a mundane shell of nothingness? Our foundation is built for the very purpose of helping students define their true passion and follow their calling. Art Department offers everything an artist requires to flourish.

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Islamic Studies

The foundation of knowledge, virtue and excellence, Islam adds purpose to existence and is the very basis of our education. To learn the rich Islamic history and the root of righteousness, helps students develop character, conduct and virtues.

Leadership and Behavioural Skills

Zikra High School grooms leaders with proficiency in ethics and integrity which are hallmarks in attaining success. Team spirit is a quality most encouraged in order to work in a healthy social environment. We conduct activities and competitions to bring out the best in each individual.


Physical strength is of immense importance in order to give your intellectual best. Our sports department teaches students discipline, responsibility and self-confidence. A proper physique and good mental health is what we enable our students to achieve to give an appreciative student performance.

Physics and Chemistry Lab Experiments

Science isn’t what it is without equipment based learning. Zikra High School doesn’t limit learning to data. Our laboratories provide a platform for students to understand scientific theories and concepts with a practical based approach. Experience is an integral part of understanding and our approach helps students develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

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